AK – New Orleans, LA – French Quarter 2011

New Orleans, LA   –  June, 2011 (AK)

Above meet Giovanni Ivasco, 72, Artist and European Football Player , New Orleans Resident.

My recent visit, the sixth to the Crescent City, was more pleasant than the last during the 2001 Mardi Gras.  Yes, a decade ago, BK (Before Katrina).  This time I was with a lot of good friends.  Plus, I had the added benefit of time to visit a high school buddy who now lives in Lafayette.

New Orleans is unique.  Visually the closest comparison I can make is to the old walled city of Quebec, Canada.  The French influence on both North American cities provides for a marvelous mixture of old and new world.  Down here on the Gulf Coast, New Orleans continues its survival in the grandest Southern style.

This time I focused on interweaving the windows, doors, iron works, glass and people that unite the Quarters’ residents while accepting the visitors who stay to window shop.

The city is still in economic transition. It can be seen in the closed shops, and storefronts but those sights did not visually excite me.  Rather, what interested me were the new morning light upon glass, the doorframes and the windows themselves, things that survived.  Sometimes it was the lack of a window.  Other times it was the gate to a closed door, a doll in a window or the ironwork doorknocker, sometimes it was a child looking out a window.

All these and more gave me a view of my favorite city, Nawlin’s..  It will bring me back time and time again. Only the next time with more friends, looking for that AK light (After Katrina).

My friends have their favorite photos – including those I took with them at scenic venues across the city.  These are my favorites.


The numbers 222 grabbed me, yet it was noticeably streaked by rain and dust.
Granma took her grand-daughter for a ride out to the Garden District and back downtown.Garden District tracksWalled homes in the quarter used the low tech solution on imbedding glass into the stonework on top of the walls to prevent the curious from climbing over their walls. Burbon Street Window scene, my favorite.
Glasswork in the French Quarter
Voodoo Dolls in the window, waiting a buyerTrolley operator working the end of line Garden District turn-around.
Angel above, angel below
Perfectly framed in the morning light.Trolly viewsVoodoo Dolls in the window
French Quarter restaurant.  I had the Mirliton, a favorite food of South Louisiana.  I was told by an accomplished chef that she has made better in Lafeyette.Window scene near the Federal Courts in New OrleansIronworks as found in the French QuarterSecond balcony ironworks
Colored water bottles grace a second story window in the French Quarter.

My favorite Voodoo Doll (in the window).