Ride Allegheny – Slice of Day 4 – Smokey Glen Farm

Operation Second Chance – Slice – October 10, 2011

Sunday, additional riders met us in Hagerstown pushing the total riders above 50 for the last 80 miles to Darnestown’s Smokey Glen Farm. We rode out of Hagerstown on MD Route 65 to intersect the C&O canal at Antietam Creek. The group was solemn as we past through a “Forest Gump-like” sunrise tableau at the Antietam National Battlefield, the final resting place for over 5,000 Union Civil War soldiers who died here and the remains of USN Fireman Patrick Howard Roy who was killed in the attack on the USS Cole.

We rode hard and fast on the muddy and wet C&O canal to Seneca Creek. Then again followed a Rolling Thunder-type motorcycle escort from River Road home down Route 28 as provided by NAM KNIGHTS AMERICA. As we turned into Smokey Glen it was a Red, White and Blue flag waving homecoming welcome by friends, family, American Legion veterans and recovering soldiers from Walter Reed.