San Diego – May 2011

San Diego – Slice of Life from April 30th to May 5th 2011

I just love this city.

Been here many times for business in the past and have traveled north up as far as Torrey Pines. I always stay down near the Convention Center / Gas Light District because it is walk-able. Plus PETCO Park is right here. It’s a lot like Baltimore – which I feel influenced San Diego’s revitalization.

This was my last postal forum – look it up if you really want to know what that is – it does not matter – just know it was held near the convention center.

I have brought my camera’s many times but on these dates I had a little more time to go into different parts of the city and areas nearby. I finally found Little Italy.

PhotoLoaf blog – as you read back – features many ‘Italian’ ethnic enclaves – perhaps I am a bit biased but boy oh boy – the architecture and the food surrounding these enclaves is picture perfect.

Especially noteworthy to me is San Diego’s Little Italy section during the Art Festival. I had the great fortune to be there on Sunday May1 to capture most of my photos. Friends took me out to dinner there the night before.

San Diego is very much a Naval town, so I was able to click away at the city from a variety of water venues. My last evening was spent on Coronado Island – home to the Navy Seals – and I was able to capture the waterfront from there. Also I was able to photograph the USS Midway as fireworks exploded in the evening sky. Today the Midway is a naval museum.

As I write this blog on Veterans Day (11-11-11) I am reminded of my stay in San Diego when the national media reported on OBL’s (see the photo of USA Today) death and the role of those Navy Seals (supposedly from VA Beach area).

The forum was a RED, WHITE and BLUE event – preplanned with tributes to the Armed Services so – it seemed so coincidental with the venue and the world events.

So I used my down time away from the forum and after forum glad-handing to find my way over to PETCO (for 3 games) to watch the Padres. I passed memorials to MLK, street vendors, trolley cars and trains – people walking – all in this very vibrant part of the city.

Check out my PORTFOLIO Folder – SAN DIEGO link for more photos.