MD Terps Women’s BBall – Feature

Maryland Women’s Basketball – Slice of St. Joe’s
November 22, 2011

Tianna Hawkins

Tianna Hawkins, Junior looking for a rebound

I am shooting stills for an associate TV producer of UnderTheShell TV – a production of the Maryland Woman’s Basketball team. My first opportunity to do so in this 2011-2012 season was at the Comcast Center against opponent Saint Joseph’s of Philadelphia (on the Main Line). I will be shooting occasionally depending on schedules this season.

Already, I have singled out my favorite Terp member for 2012, it is Tianna Hawkins, a Junior, Forward. I don’t mean to disappoint the other 11 players, who I will eventually highlight, it is just that Tianna has this particular smile of joy when she is on the court. I find it infectious.

So stay tuned to this section of my PhotoLoaf blog as I take a slice of life view of the Women Terp’s BBall progress.