A comcastic moment – College Park Dreaming continued

North Potomac / College Park Dreaming
January 25, 2012

It’s Duke tonight.

It’s UMD honoring Gary Williams with naming the floor at Comcast.

It’s a Slice of Life moments all around. Tonight, I will be in the nose-bleed section within spiting distance to the 2002 Championship banner. I will use my iPhone for a few pics. I won’t be on the court till later this month.

Opinions vary among my friends, alumni, followers and non-believers about the early Gary Williams versus the later-day post national championship Williams. Was he great for UMD or did he not achieve in bringing MD to permanent elite status? After tonight his name will be there on the floor for all to see, regardless.

Look at the eyes on the electronic display - Gary watching over Gary

I know this much – I saw the Left-hander coach – and the promise to make MD the UCLA of the East, then watched (Philip & JD saw) Williams deliver a championship trophy. They both could coach. Tonight many high caliber coaches – former, recent past and the slice of life present will be at Comcast to witness Gary’s comcast moment (small c).

To be a Terp fan means middle class excellence – a workman’s team – plenty of disappointments and those glory moments that reach an ecstatic state of well-being. No pedigree’s needed.

Gary Williams accomplishments is lined up at the podium awaiting his retirement announcement.

Williams was that workman coach. Turgeon follows in the same mold. It will be a timely introduction for Turgeon to see what can be – what it truly means to be a basketball coach at Maryland. Not, a big shoes to fill thing – rather it’s reaching for that adulation and the promise of what could be.

Maryland chances at beating Duke tonight are slim – the PG County cops and MD State Police should rest up – there will be other “Fear the Turtle” days for them to be on their toes.

Coach Bobby Knight and his disciple Coach Mike K will be on-hand – and many others – to see a rare night of the Maryland faithful. Knight has not been seen in College Park since the 1969-70 season – with his Army team playing Driesell at the historic Cole Field House. So tonight is a dreamy night for all.

Side Note: Earlier I referred to Philip and JD – my son and his best friend. JD, after JMU, went onto Duke for his MBA and worked with the Athletic Department and with Coach K. Philip, a MD grad and JD were at the Georgia Dome when MD beat Indiana for the championship. Coincidentally, JDs sister Jenny was engaged earlier this month to another rabid Dukie at Cameron’s center court after a Duke game. Tonight I drive with JD’s dad (and Denise) over to Comcast to see Duke and MD play. The blood lines run deep here in ACC country.

So, it’s Duke tonight. Bring ‘em on. Bring ‘em on. Dreaming of a win!

Photos are from Gary’s retirement announcement at Comcast – at noon May 6, 2011.

Billy Hahn, Tim Brant, Gary with his wife, and hidden is Johnny Holiday - all will be reunited this evening