Catch Me If You Can – I’m Goin’ Back

The following is a slice of life moment – many years in the making. I will eventually followup with photos for this Category to show you scenes – slice of life moments that occurred some 20 years ago.

To Dyann Dancy (Coach – Summer League) and Tim Harvey (Owner QOSTC)
From: Phil Fabrizio
Date: February 17, 2012

Quince Orchard Swim Team – The Early Years

Slideshows and history files

Synopsis: Included in the five large boxes are historical presentations of the QO Otter swim team from the years 1992 through 1999. All photographs were done using Kodak (or similar) 35mm slide film so that they could be displayed at the end of season banquet. The slideshow was projected outdoors using borrowed projectors, a huge slideshow screen (Dyann’s) and a unique slide sequencing device as provided by Quince Orchard High School’s tech ed department. This was all before the advent (popularization) of digital photography, powerpoints, iPhoto’s and camera phones.

Contents of the 5 boxes included 25 Kodak slide trays, nearly 2,400 slides, sequenced music and over 3,000 out-take photos not included in the slide programs from 1992 to 1999.

Slideshow : Most, if not each, individual who swam that year is in the show – A Team or B Team. They could be in a group shot or individual shot. Senior tributes were always a part of the show and usually were at the end. The slide program was set to music and the sequencer had to be manually set and taped onto the music program to actuate the slide projector to drop a slide in time to a particular musical moment. Each show was timed out so that a particular number of slides could be featured. Two projectors were needed to alternate the in and out movement of the program.

Contents of 5 boxes: Three boxes contain all the slides shows in order of year. The two remaining boxes contained slides that did not make the show. Altogether there are over 5,000 slides covering 8 years.

Letting Go - Goin' Back

Photography: All photos were done using 35mm cameras, mostly by me and some other families would donate slides that they had. Gary Ground also produced work during this time but none is included here.

Why should QO Swim Team (Otters) retain the photos? Basically, the team owns them – not Phil. And because these photos provide a historical perspective of people and place. Also, team members and family budgeted and paid for this work out of the summer dues. Approximately $500 per summer – I contributed money in lean years anywhere from $200 to $300 to fill in the blanks and the needs not covered by the team budget.

Team Effort: Production of the slideshow became over time a team event. Selected youth members (volunteers) helped to pick out slides, storyboarded the shows and made determinations on what slide went with what music. They picked out what team members were missed and then I went out and shot more film.

Recommendation: During some future down time when in the summer months the team members want to – they should find an old projector and take out a slide show and just view it for what it is – but with out a sequencer – the music portion will be lost – as will some of the meaning of the song to the swimmer moment. But it would be fun. Then for the more ambitious and talented members in the digital world they may want to scan the slides and recreate the music (BPM it or update it) and do a retro-slide show from the past – or even sync/share it with photos of todays swimmers. Make an iTune slideprogram – share it on YouTube.

Have fun!

Eventually swimmers become parents – some may even drift back to QOSTC and want to see a video produced from the good old days – so have at it.

It is history waiting to be reborn.

Thanks for the memories.

Phil Fabrizio
Sugarloaf Photography
February 2012

Note: My Slice of Life moment occurred on my way to drop off the boxes to Dyann. My iPod kicked on and played a 1966 Dusty Springfield version on Carol King’s Goin’ Back. Perfect timing. I drove the 2 miles to the club listening to her cover version – done many time over by other artists but having never heard her full version – it was touching. It immediately brought back the scenes that I was transporting to their new home. Scenes of summer evenings and Saturday mornings, youth, families, friends, parties and anticipation of fast starts and competition in summer swim leagues – all nearly 20 years old reflections – the images are still there. I’m Goin’ Back.

Photos were taken by Will Burke, son of my “official” curator.