Welcome Brides (on the Bus) – April 1 – A slice of Life Day

Yep, this is Sugarloaf Photography, it’s a website frontage – under my pseudonym PhotoLoaf. Photoloaf is easier to use for Twitter and is better recognized as a blog page than is Sugarloaf Photography. (I feel great loyalty to my company name – ask me how long it’s been around.)

If we met at the Ag Farm on April 1 in Derwood, MD then welcome back – if not and this if your first time here – then you need to check out a few things – my portfolio page and the links below.

1) Go to the Portfolio pull down tab and it will redirect you to
a. – my retail site

2) Or, go to this link for a limited display of wedding photos
a. Click here Wedding Photo Sampler

3) Or, write to me by going to the Contact pull down above.

Lastly, check out the Engagement photos for two brides to be – in my blog that follows. Check them out in the Categories – On Display or Celebrations.

Hope all you Brides got some great leads and times on the BUS.

It was just a Brides on the BUS slice of life day at the AG FARM.

Sugarloaf Photography
Aka – Photoloaf