Barry Has Left the Building

Barry’s Music Shop, in Rockville MD closed on Saturday July 14. I was there on a photo assignment Friday afternoon and came upon Barry playing his guitar. He and a good friend were harmonizing on Elvis tunes. I grabbed my camera then my iPhone and located Never Been to Spain from Elvis: Live in Vegas to play it for them. They turn towards me and both began giving me a litany of Elvis tunes they loved. Barry said he was thinking of reviving this old love of performing songs.

That magical afternoon Susan his wife, Frankie the Wonder Dog, a “White Rabbit”, a Dove and a full sized Spiderman mannequin along with thousands of displayed magic props, posters and a few well wishing people came in focus through my lens.

Over the next two and half hours I watched as Susan waited on customers while Barry flitted between them and doing magic tricks on his interior stage. I was a little kid with a fast trigger fingered camera – and I still could not see how he did his magic.

What will they do in retirement?

Barry will continue performing. Susan and him will travel. Frankie and the rest of the pets will retire to Barry and Susan’s home. And Spiderman and all the collectives – they will magically be stored and brought back to life at Barry’s beck and call.

At the end of his extemporaneous performance Barry confided to me that he was finally going to stop smoking but he just can’t seem to kick the habit.

Cigar smoking Barry

Barry has left the building. Ba dum.