Mythical Match-Up Challenge – Week 2 – September 14

Ok the week 1 results are in.

MoCo League – we have winners with Quince Orchard, Winston Churchill and Seneca Valley. Those with their first lost include Bullis, Good Counsel and Northwest. Sherwood had a bye the first week.

Metro League – we have winners with Stone Bridge, Friendship Collegiate and Quince Orchard. Those with their first lost are Old Mill, Westfield and Wise. Good Counsel had a bye the first week.

QO Defensive Line – against Blair

So going into the Match-Up Challenge Week 2 – for both leagues – Metro Mythical and MoCo Mythical the match-ups are:

Metro – Mythical League

Old Mill versus Wise
Westfield versus Quince Orchard
Good Counsel versus Friendship Collegiate
Stone Bridge has a BYE week

MoCo Mythical League

Seneca Valley versus Quince Orchard
Winston Churchill versus Bullis Prep
Sherwood versus Good Counsel
Northwest has a BYE week

The week 1 results for the Metro League were a mixed bag because Good Counsels game in New Jersey had no Friday, August 31 stats reported and Friendship Collegiate’s game was cancelled. So, I improvised and took their results from their official prior games to make up the difference.

Eyes of the Middle Linebacker, St. Regis is focused on Blair’s QB

Week 2 will also prove to be problematic once again in the Metro League because Friendship Collegiate’s game against Valley Forge Military was forfeited earlier this week by VFM due to injured players – so FC wins a 6-0 forfeit – with no stats. They will be a loser this week in more ways than just the Mythical Match-Up Challenge.

As for the actual games this week – there are three major contests spread out across the DMV (District, Maryland, Virginia area). We have Paint Branch up against Quince Orchard at QO. Then Westfield will face a young Lake Braddock team over in Virginia, and Wise is up against the always-potent Eleanor Roosevelt over in PG County. Churchill goes up against – their “not-your-rival” BCC. Seneca is at Northwood – it should be an easy win. Old Mill is playing North County which in my opinion is probably a very tough game for OM who will put their undefeated winning streak on the line against them.

The Sept 7 game against Blair was a blowout by QO, a 55-0 win.

Lastly looking at the privates – Good Counsel plays H.D. Woodson and Bullis hosts St. Mary’s of Annapolis.

Let’s hope that all Mythical Match-Up league teams do well and keeping my fingers crossed – report their results.

You can check the league schedules and rules by going to and search for the Mythical Match-Up category.

I, for my part will be cheering on “the Boss” with Denise at Nats Stadium this evening.

September 14, 2012