Mythical Match-Up Challenge – Week 2 Results / Week 3 Play

Yes, everyone who played reported this week and thus we are now off to a great start with the MMU Challenge. All challenge teams won last weekend so- now it is truly their performance that will differentiate winners from losers.

Here is the quick Week 2 run down

MoCo league – QO over Seneca Valley; Churchill over Bullis; and Good Counsel over Sherwood. After 2 weeks of challenge play QO and Churchill lead the league with 2 wins each – and NW, Sherwood and Bullis have yet to win in the challenge

Metro League – Old Mill beat Wise; Quince Orchard over Westfield; and Good Counsel trumped Friendship Collegiate. Note on the Friendship Collegiate game – they won as forfeit but had no performance statistics so Good Counsel basically won hands down. After 2 weeks we have Quince Orchard with 2 wins, Wise and Westfield have 2 losses and everyone else in between.

Week 3 of the MMU Challenge will have the following pairings.

MoCo – Mythical League

Winston Churchill versus Seneca Valley
Sherwood versus Quince Orchard
Northwest versus Bullis
Good Counsel has a BYE week

Metro – Mythical League

Westfield versus Old Mill
Good Counsel versus Wise
Stone Bridge versus Quince Orchard
Friendship Collegiate has a BYE week

Over in the Metro league in actual play (not Mythical) this week Westfield will be playing Robinson so I predict Westfield will notch it’s first challenge win – because Old Mill plays Northeast and it will be up to both teams defenses to hold down the offensive juggernaut that Westfield and Old Mill possess. The way I see it Westfield finally stands up scores and plays some defense by blanking Robinson.

Looking over at the MoCo league teams in actual play (not – Mythical) Northwest travels down the Great Seneca Highway to take on Quince Orchard. QO has a very tougher end of actual play going up against rival Northwest. Then on the opposite side of QO’s Match-Up bracket Sherwood plays Blair. Blair has not shown much this year so Sherwood will have a field day at home against Blair and I predict that the team performance statistics will favor Sherwood thus giving QO – it’s first lost of the season in Challenge play.

As always you can check the Mythical Match-Up Challenge schedule here at Next week I will start posting the league standings on that site so you can see how many Mythical Points were earned along with the win-loss standings.

Enjoy the ‘lights’ on the weekend.

September 20, 2012