A lasting Friday Night Light for Good Counsel Senior’s

High School memories linger.

Ask Bruce Springsteen or any other popular artists who write and sing about these special glory days.

So it was for many seniors in Olney last Friday Night at Our Lady of the Good Counsel High School. Families, friends, teachers and coaches linger for those moments before that senior walks across the football field and stands before the home crowd. This scene will be repeated over the next three weeks as other Montgomery County schools perform the same honor.

There are those moments after the festivities for all players and spirit members to be alone with their thoughts as the opposing team, Gonzaga in this instance, comes onto the field and all await the rush onto field prior to the National Anthem, for the last time.

The outcome for Good Counsel was not favorable on this evening. But does it really matter – because some day they may watch and recollect their days and hopefully replay a set of similar emotions as their will children experience on that glory day.

Gonzaga 35 Good Counsel 13 and it is handshake.