Congratulating Nikon on 100 Years

I recently posted on my Facebook pages a quiet tribute to Nikon – since I have depended on their products nearly 30 years.  Rather than send you to the post – their is a link below – I am posting it here on my website, as a holding bin for things that help my PLAY.


AS Posted on Facebook. – on July 25th Date of Nikon’s 100th Anniversary

Congratualting Nikon on its’ 100th Anniversary today. I have had a #NIKONinmyhand for 30 years. You Nikon, have delivered a superior product line so that helped me create images that Live.Love.Play.Loaf up close and personal here in the DMV. From Kings, BB and ML; politicians big and small, for record setting sportsmen and women; A Tiger, a Puma in orange; for collegians that grapple on and above the hardwood; my beloved Terps; all those DMV student athletes; family and friends; to world renowned Chefs; for boundless land vistas of national parks to the Jersey Shore; for boardwalk Guidos; and the countless weddings and mitzvah’s; to the grips and grins at meetings; and for those who wandered in front of my lens; to the nightlights and daylights; because so I will #alwayshaveaNIKONinmybag, #Nikon100, #NIKON, #welovenikon

The gallery of photos I used for the Nikon tribute follows: