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January 2020 – Blogs

BLOG: Churchill Girls Beat Whitman, Remain Undefeated BLOG: Gaithersburg Boys Beat Northwest in Overtime BLOG: Maryland Basketball Debuts Chol Marial

Declaring the 4th – a slice in time

This weekend will be key to the area preparation for the 4th of July activities in the surrounding area.  I will be uploading photos to this site to show the breadth of activities.  I hope you enjoy the show.    

Maryland My Maryland – Many slices of life events – one weekend

Book Festival

Maryland My Maryland – A Land of Pleasant Living Ok, raise your hand.  Did you partake in the showcase that was happening in Maryland this weekend?  It showcased the best part of living and traveling in the Old Line State triangle between Baltimore, Frederick and the DC suburbs in Maryland.  Oh, and the weather –...

Photos of the Week – Lake Placid, MD – April 2012

Every now and then you come across an event that tugs at your heart. That occurred on Friday, April 20 at the dedication ceremony for the Public Safety Memorial in Gaithersburg, MD at a place called Lake Placid on a street named Edison. I was invited as a local member of the press. First a...