Clueless ISO – 3 Blonde Women – two 78’s and one 74.

My editor at the Town Courier News is great. She gives you all the assignment facts but every now and then I miss the buried clue. Thus, I am clueless.

Here I am last evening siting near the bar at Not Your Average Joe’s (NYAJ) looking for three women who write a blog called “Hardly Getting By” ( I need to take a picture of them for the paper in their creative environment. It somehow has to do with wine.

So going without their names (it was lacking from my editor’s email) I go out approaching groups of seated women at NYAJ – with the introduction line – “Do you write a blog?” After about a 4 turn-downs and strange looks from the wait staff – I slink back to my four-seat table top across from the bar.

The waiter again approaches me to ask if I wanted to order something – so I picked the first appetizer – teaser – that sounded good and ordered a beer so that he would go away. I flip to my smartphone – why do I call it smart – to re-read my editors note. I get a bit more frustrated and write her (it’s dinner time) and ask for the women’s names – which she earlier described as being between 40 & 50 in age.

Then the ah-ha moment – I see the link to the blog site in the editor’s earlier email and click on it – bingo up pops their blog – and what do you know there is even a picture of 3 blond women – yucking it up in what looks like – a booth at NYAJ’s. They look like they are laughing at me – this fool with a bunch of cameras – searching them out.

Just then I hear women laughing from behind me and to my left. I spy through the break in the glass panes that separate the dinning area from the bar and what do I see – 3 blondes.

Emboldened by my prior bar pick up line failures this time I get “smart” and take my phone with me and approach the booth.

“Excuse me” I begin – “but I have been looking for 3 blonde women all night and you all look like the ones on this blog site”. I turn the smartphone towards them – they all start giggling – and basically say – where the heck have you been all night didn’t you hear us. Of course that makes me explain my sojourn of introductions to would-be bloggers/diners.

I cajole them to bring their drinks and join me at my special table – photo booth – where I promised to make them all look cute – and tell my story.

As it turns out we all live around the Darnestown / Gaithersburg area – have lots in common – and even write blogs from homes that have the same Zipcodes 20878 – all but for Kristen – who really lives in old Darnsetown, she is the 74.

They treated me to a beer and my teaser – appetizer and now I owe them a mention in my blog and perhaps a few future glasses of wine with waters all around.

Here is their picture – and you can catch their blog at

Hey Girls – Game On – tag your it!

Two 78's and one 74

Two 78’s and one 74