Monthly Archives: February 2012

Catch Me If You Can – I’m Goin’ Back

The following is a slice of life moment – many years in the making. I will eventually followup with photos for this Category to show you scenes – slice of life moments that occurred some 20 years ago. To Dyann Dancy (Coach – Summer League) and Tim Harvey (Owner QOSTC) From: Phil Fabrizio Date: February...

Under The Shell – Part 2

Sports Portrait Photography – Watching their hands Super Bowl Sunday – February 5 & 12, 2012 Comcast SportsNet – Under The Shell I have been photographing the University of Maryland (UMD) Women’s Basketball team at the Comcast Center this season. I am working with Mike Springirth, producer of the Under The Shell video segment for...

Improbable Shot

Charles Porter unaware of his team mates reaction celebrates his 3 point jump shot from 3/4 court with 00:02 seconds remaining. The official waved off the shot as time expired.

Under The Shell – Part 1.1

Super Bowl Sunday – First Showing of Under The Shell Great job, Mike – loved it. For those that find your way to the this blog – I promised to wait till after the next show on Feb 12th Under The Shell show to post my blog and photos. More – slice of life moments...