Under The Shell – Part 2

Sports Portrait Photography – Watching their hands
Super Bowl Sunday – February 5 & 12, 2012
Comcast SportsNet – Under The Shell

I have been photographing the University of Maryland (UMD) Women’s Basketball team at the Comcast Center this season. I am working with Mike Springirth, producer of the Under The Shell video segment for the team. Under The Shell airs bi-weekly throughout the basketball season Sundays on Comcast SportsNet at 9 a.m. The 30-minute reality show gives fans and viewers and in-depth look behind the scenes with MD Women Terps. Archived episodes are on

So in late January 2012 I was filmed & recorded for a session that would feature a small selection of my photos – which I loosely refer to as Sports Portraits. The video segment broadcasts on February 5, 2012 – Super Bowl Sunday at 9 a.m. and again on February 12th.

Fun shots, full frame wide-angle shots and a few telephoto shots were among those selected. I also did a quick segment on Tianna Hawkins UMD record setting night with a record 24 total rebounds, 18 points and just 1 turnover in 27 minutes of play.

A sample of the photos featured follows along with a brief on those not shown.

Tianna Hawkins – it is her eyes that display this joyous look that shine all over her face – perfectly at ease on the court – I just wonder where she is looking since the basket is above my floor position and slightly left

Hawkins has a joyful expression on the court

Photos not shown included Alicia DeVaughn rising towards the basket, then a photo of Anjale Barrett making a strong drive to the basket against No.12 Delaware in the Terrapin Classic final.

Next this fun photo shown below is Lynetta Kizer in a Good Angel, Bad Angel shot with MD’s Alisa DeVaughn and VA Tech’s Porscia Hadley looking downward over Kizer’s shoulder – appearing as they were telling what Kizer needs to do next.

Go ahead and shoot says the Good Angel, Bad Angel. Featuring Lynette Kizer, with Angels Alicia DeVaughn and Porschia Hadley (VT)

I had Alyssa Thomas’ framed as a “portrait” photo in a drive to the basket over Virginia’ Alana Moorer – Eyes on the Prize – smiling and timed to place the ball on the glass.

25 Alyssa Thomas - Eyes on the prize

Also not shown is where I had Kizer and Moorer again framed in a perfect diagonal – going from an aggressive Kizer’s grabbing a rebound. And too there was Essence Townsend’s hook shot – it’s just a fun shot with – everyone in the picture – it’s a “yearbook” photo for me.

I labeled the next one as “These are the days you’ll remember” – all the coaches smiling enjoying the slice of life moment playing out before them on the floor. Tina Langley’s expression really sells this shot. Tina’s hands and facial expression are counterbalanced by Frese and Adkins clasped hands and smiles.

These are the days - you will remember. MD coaching staff in a brighter moment. Having fun.

Austin and Hawkins – I have many photos of the exuberant Sequoia Austin but her look of concern was perfect in this photo. She is the biggest cheerleader and always first off the bench to high-five the on-court players during timeouts. Here she has situated herself to clasp and lift Tianna Hawkins off the floor. This is not Hawkins first trip to the floor but her surprised look finishes off the diagonal from a concerned teammate down through the handclasp to her position on the floor.

00 Sequoia Austin with Tianna Hawkins

The Grip – this is my favorite photo of the season so far. I modified this in NIK’s Silver Effects Black and White software. During the game I follow Coach Brenda Frese along the courtside from opening moments to the wrap-up radio broadcast.

Here Coach Frese utilizes her hands in such a great manner. This is one of a telephoto sequence of shots where one image stood out. Coach Frese is imparting knowledge to the Freshman Guard Brene Moseley. Her outstretched left hand invokes action/reaction while the Coach’s right hand gently wrinkles Moseley’s uniform to create a sense of support while pulling Moseley closer to hear her words. The color shot was good – B&W much better because I could separate Moseley/Frese from the crowd behind them and then bring the focus on Frese’s right hand by bringing out the wrinkles and adding color back into the uniform – then with a little vignette I tried to placed the focus on the red 3.

Coach Brenda Frese using her hands as a relaxed Brene Moseley listens

I did not post my “Glen Plaid Pants” -you’ll need to watch/listen to the broadcast to understand. I love Glen Plaid suits.

Lastly I included my favorite photo from Hawkins record breaking game against Wake Forest. It is the effervescent Sequoia Austin as she greets Tianna Hawkins just after Tianna set a new Maryland record with 24 rebounds.

Who else would be first but the #1 cheerleader Austin greeting Hawkins on her record